Enterprise & Training Company

ETC is a leading provider of employment, training and business services. Through our Workforce Australia and Disability Employment Services contracts we help people in many different situations to overcome their personal challenges. We do this by helping them gain the skills they need to find sustainable employment. We also assist employers in finding people who are the right fit for their business. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 6998), ETC works closely with employers to develop innovative training programs that meet industry needs.

Drake International

Drake International continues to be a global leader in flexible and permanent staffing, naturally evolving to offer a dynamic suite of Talent Management Solutions. Our mission is to create opportunities for people and increase your organisation's bottom line, through maximising the potential of your human capital assets.

Sign for Work

Sign for Work is a Specialist Disability Employment Service for people with an injury, health condition or disability. We also have a team of deaf and hearing staff fluent in Auslan who are specially dedicated to supporting deaf and hard of hearing jobseekers.


Tursa Employment & Training is a not-for-profit, independent organisation founded in 1994 out of personal experience of long-term unemployment, for the express purpose of addressing unemployment and alleviating disadvantage suffered by people of the region.

Max Employment

For profit business that works with disability clients to assist them back into employment.

Squad Employment, Training & HR

Employment, Training & HR

National Workforce

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


National Workforce is a dynamic and leading workforce solutions provider that has been serving the Gold Coast region from in Brisbne-based office for over 10 years, until this year when we opened a branch in Southport to service the requirements of our clients in the Gold Coast region. With a commitment to empowering businesses and job seekers alike, National Workforce Gold Coast has established itself as a trusted partner in the local labor market.

Our mission is to connect the right people with the right opportunities, driving economic growth and prosperity in the Gold Coast community.

Key Services

1. Recruitment and Staffing Services: National Workforce Gold Coast specializes in sourcing and placing highly qualified candidates in various industries, including hospitality, construction, information technology, and more. Our extensive network and rigorous selection process ensure that businesses receive top-notch talent.

2. Labor Market Insights: We provide businesses with valuable insights into the local labor market, including salary trends, skills shortages, and industry-specific analysis. This information empowers our clients to make informed workforce decisions.

3. Employment Support: Job seekers can benefit from our personalised employment support services, including resume building, interview coaching, and career counseling. We strive to connect individuals with fulfilling and sustainable employment opportunities.


Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our interactions with clients, job seekers, and partners.

Diversity and Inclusion: We celebrate diversity and promote equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender, age, or background.

Excellence: We are committed to delivering exceptional service and continually improving our processes to meet the evolving needs of our clients and job seekers.

Community Engagement: We actively engage with the Gold Coast community through partnerships, sponsorships, and volunteering initiatives that contribute to local development.

Why Choose National Workforce Gold Coast?

Local Expertise: Our team has an in-depth understanding of the Gold Coast labor market, providing clients with tailored solutions.

Proven Track Record: With a history of successful placements and satisfied clients, National Workforce is a trusted name in the industry.

Commitment to Compliance: We adhere to all relevant labor laws and regulations to ensure fair and ethical practices. so our client can rest assured we have their backs.

Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritise client and job seeker satisfaction, always striving to exceed expectations.

National Workforce is dedicated to building strong, sustainable relationships with businesses and job seekers alike, fostering economic growth, and contributing to the prosperity of the Gold Coast region. Whether you are seeking employment or looking to enhance your workforce, National Workforce Gold Coast is your partner in success.

Whitefox Recruitment

Multi Award Winning Global Recruitment Agency. Servicing the Gold Coast and beyond.

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