2023 Red Tape Survey is closing soon | How does red tape impact your business

We’ve been working with Queensland businesses for more than a decade to understand how regulatory burden, or red tape, impacts you.

The 2023 Red Tape Survey is now open and we need your insight.




About the Red Tape Survey

For more than a decade CCIQ has been working with Queensland businesses to understand the impacts of regulatory burden: red tape.

We know more than half of businesses want to see red tape reduction as government priority.

CCIQ’s biannual Red Tape survey has been running since 2009, identifying changes and trends in how regulatory compliance impacts businesses.

We want to understand the impacts and perception of business fees, charges, and legislative requirements with a focus on complexity, conflicts between three levels of government and the amount of time it takes you to ensure compliance.​

We share these findings directly with key government agencies to influence change. We’re committed to working with all levels of government to not only highlight this impact but identify and work towards opportunities for reform.

The most recent 2021 CCIQ Red Tape Survey confirms the burden of red tape has intensified and continues to adversely impact the performance of Queensland businesses.


What do we mean by red tape?

Red tape is regulation and processes beyond ‘minimal effective regulation’​.

Minimal effective regulation is a regulatory regime where the fewest rules, requirements, or procedures are in place to achieve a stated regulatory objective.


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