November update from Cr Brooke Patterson

Community consultation surrounding our Southport PDA development scheme review continues since discussed in the previous update. Just recently, our City Planning officers held a workshop inviting local business and industry stakeholders to have their say about current issues and the future of the PDA.

A quick overview – a PDA planning scheme refers to the Priority Development Area of Southport. By identifying this area as a PDA, development barriers are removed to increase investment opportunities and stimulate economic growth. I requested this scheme be reviewed in service of the future of our CBD.

We had a great turnout with many passionate stakeholders willing to give their feedback. It was important to get an understanding of both aspects of the PDA that are currently working well, and what needs improvement. Valuable insight was given on what stakeholders considered as weaknesses and opportunities of the area.



As future development will be for the benefit of Southport residents and business owners, gaining their feedback is highly important. Work on the Development Scheme Review will continue throughout 2023, stay tuned for updates and opportunities to give your feedback to shape the future of the Southport PDA.


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