PDA UNDER REVIEW – your feedback is sought – click on link below

It is no secret that I have had concerns with the effectiveness of the Southport PDA (Priority Development Area) planning scheme. Its intent is to generate growth in the CBD by removing development barriers and increasing investment opportunities. It is debatable whether it is has delivered on this over the past decade. That is why I have requested a review of the scheme to see how we can make it fit for service for the future of our CBD.

The community consultation period is now open, and we would love your input. The components of the PDA Development Scheme currently under review include:

Land use plan - regulates development within the PDA

Infrastructure plan - details the infrastructure needed to support the land use plan for the PDA

Implementation strategy - describe strategies and mechanisms that will complement the land use plan and infrastructure plan to meet the Vision for the PDA.

Map of the identified PDA below:

It is important that the Southport PDA Development Scheme remains current and correctly reflects the views of the community. To have your say and shape the future of our CBD, there are two ways to do so:

Complete the online survey via the following link:


Pin specific ideas on the interactive map via the following link:


Additionally, you may contact 1300 151 267 or email southportpda@goldcoast.qld.gov.au for any public consultation enquiries.

This early community consultation will run until Tuesday 11 October 2022.

Cr Brooke Patterson
Councillor for Division 6

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