Next-Gen Life Sciences Centre Given Coast Go-Ahead

A new multimillion-dollar centre for science and medical excellence has the green light to move forward on the Gold Coast.

Local developer Niecon recently received development approval for its landmark Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre.

A new multimillion-dollar centre for science and medical excellence has the green light to move forward on the Gold Coast.

Local developer Niecon recently received development approval for its landmark Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre.

The new development will sit within Lumina, the commercial development cluster within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct at Southport, and offers limited opportunities to buy or lease.

The development approval is significant news for the future health needs of South-East Queensland’s booming population and welcome news for leaders in life sciences, healthtech and medicine who are looking for a modern, flexible space to relocate or set up their business in a growing innovation community adjacent to leading hospitals and universities. 

Niecon managing director William Nikiforides said the approval of the Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre was a major step forward to providing essential medical infrastructure for Queensland.

The contemporary 11-storey centre of excellence will accommodate premium medical, technological and office suites, a state-of-the-art research hub, an auditorium, boardrooms and seminar spaces.

The facility is strata titled, with limited opportunities to secure suites ranging from 80sq m to full floors spanning 1680sq m. Anticipated completion is set for 2026.

The Nikiforides team, comprising James Nikiforides (sales and marketing director), John Nikiforides (general manager), and William Nikiforides (managing director), eagerly anticipate the realisation of this groundbreaking life sciences initiative, extending support to the community’s growing demand for integrated healthcare solutions.

James Nikiforides said the significance of medical precinct developments such as this could not be overstated.

“Establishing a space that bridges medical practitioners, researchers and patients fosters the most profound impact on community health. After prolonged efforts, with development approval in hand, all stakeholders are primed and enthusiastic to venture into the next phase.”

The centre boasts many modern amenities and features that will specifically appeal to innovators in a variety of life sciences, health, and medical fields.

Boasting a host of modern amenities, the Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre is tailored to captivate innovators across diverse life sciences, health and medical domains.

Designed to cater to medical research experts, technology professionals and associated medical laboratories, the centre encompasses pathology, short-stay hospital services, radiology and allied medical applications.

Engineered to meet class 9a surgical standards, the facility features three surgical bed lifts, seamless access to a variety of integrated diagnostic services, an ambulance bay, and a state-of-the-art translational research hub.

William Nikiforides highlighted the significance of the translational research hub, saying, “Our translational hub fosters multidisciplinary collaboration, provides dedicated spaces for PhD scholars to delve into research, and showcases innovation. It serves as a bridge between precinct research and industry collaboration.”

The centre’s strategic location next to the Gold Coast Private Hospital and in proximity to the Gold Coast University Hospital, the Institute for Glycomics, the Menzies Health Institute, Griffith University and the Cohort Innovation Space is a compelling attraction for health and science luminaries.

Seamless access to public transport and the Pacific Highway and M1 Motorway, further accelerates connection to major urban hubs.

Envisioned with the latest sustainable construction practices, the centre incorporates green spaces, abundant natural lighting and energy-efficient features, including solar panels, optimising temperature control.

Registered with an environmentally sustainable rating tool, the centre aligns with lower carbon building materials, promotes occupant well-being, and fosters a harmonious connection between individuals and nature.

“Sustainability is integral to our vision. We are committed to minimising our ecological footprint and are delighted to contribute to the environment and community through a forward-thinking sustainable design approach,” William Nikiforides said.

There is high demand for space from the booming Australian Pacific life sciences industry and the new Centre offers valuable strata opportunities for first movers to secure.

In a region witnessing a surge in demand from the thriving APAC life sciences industry, the centre offers strategic strata opportunities for pioneers to secure their presence. The robust growth of medical research and biotechnology in Australia, highlighted by AusBiotech’s ‘Australia’s Life Sciences Sector Snapshot 2022’, underscores the value of specialised facilities in this sector.

Given the projected demographic shift with individuals aged 65 and above comprising 18.9 per cent of the population by 2041, the combined value of specialised buildings and forthcoming hospitals is projected to reach $41 billion, as indicated by JLL’s ‘Australian Healthcare Real Estate Outlook 2022’.

James Nikiforides emphasised the merits of early engagement, saying, “Timely involvement offers distinct pricing advantages and facilitates collaboration for adaptable spaces and customised fitouts”.

The centre is in the heart of a $5-billion infrastructure investment from the state government that will continue to be boosted over the next 5-15 years. 

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ), as master developer of Lumina, plays a pivotal role in bringing this visionary project to life. The Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre is located within Lumina—a 9.5ha commercial cluster, dedicated to growing life sciences, health and technology-related businesses. 

Lumina sits within the wider 200ha Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct, which is backed by $5 billion in health, education, transport and residential infrastructure.

Anchored by two hospitals (Gold Coast University Hospital and Gold Coast Private Hospital) and Griffith University, home to 15,000 workers, including 1000 researchers, 20,000 students, 2500 residents and 50 SMEs and tech companies—the precinct is in rapid growth stage as more developments near completion from 2024 onwards.

Lumina presents an array of premium development-ready sites for acquisition. With a resolute focus on life sciences encompassing biomedical technologies, advanced prototype development, early childhood care, aged care, mental health, and advanced rehabilitation and clinical trial facilities, Lumina offers a gateway to streamlined access to government services and investment incentives.

The centre aligns with Lumina's journey, poised to reshape the landscape of health innovation. Your enquiries and aspirations for leasing and strata opportunities are warmly welcomed and can be configured to suit the needs of first movers. Secure your place early.

Enquire today and unlock opportunities within the Gold Coast Life Sciences Centre and other upcoming developments. Dive into the Lumina Opportunities Pack to explore the depth of this transformative ecosystem.

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