Queensland Budget

Upon reviewing the recent budget, I can't help but express my disappointment. It's a missed opportunity, to say the least. What we needed were bold and substantial commitments, not superficial promises that fall short.

The glaring lack of foresight for Gold Coast's growth is deeply concerning. The repeated ignorance of forecasts has resulted in our current health crisis, and the scant funding allocated to social and affordable housing in these times of need is alarming. Add to this the sluggish pace of crucial transport infrastructure development, and it's impacting our daily lives.

This has become an all too familiar narrative with the Labor government - grand promises with lack luster delivery. Queensland, we deserve better. We need concrete action, not empty promises.

This budget reinforces the growing sentiment that Queenslanders can't trust the Palaszczuk Labor Government to fix the chaos and crisis impacting their lives every day. Despite revenues reaching record highs, the quality of services has never been worse.

The Opposition has made several commitments which offer hope for a better future:

  • The establishment of a Parliamentary Budget Office and Queensland’s first Office for Social Impact within Treasury.
  • Restoration of the Queensland Productivity Commission.
  • Introduction of a Social Enterprise Loan Scheme, with a commitment of $80million over four years.
  • Making real-time data available within 100 days of the election.
  • Delivering a contemporary Queensland Health Workforce Plan.
  • Using the Housing Investment Fund solely to deliver new social housing stock and increasing the number of Community Housing dwellings each year in office.
  • Reducing reliance on external consultants to deliver Australia’s best public service.
  • A commitment to address energy prices by implementing Maintenance Guarantees on Power Plants to ensure maintenance isn't neglected to prop up the Government’s balance sheet.

Let's work together to demand better for Queensland. We deserve a government that delivers on its promises, prioritises our needs, and invests in our future.


Rob Molhoek MP | State Member for Southport
Shadow Assistant Minister for Mental Health
Shadow Assistant Minister for Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Shadow Assistant Minister for Families and Seniors

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